Harold Boué aka Abstraxion and Lion’s Drums, is a French producer and musician based in Marseille.
His music goes over boundaries and shows an explosion of music genres and influence.  From Italo disco, EBM, early trance & techno rave to synth wave, influences from pretty much a dozen genres from all angles of the spectrum makes an absolute experience to witness behind the decks. Don’t make the mistake to dive in with expectations about the musical direction – Abstraxion will shatter them anyway. Expect body-moving grooves, energy, putting smiles on anyone in the vicinity.

Harold always plays with a balance between flesh and machine. Using a modular GRP A4 live, he’s giving a modern interpretation to the euphorically 80’s and 90’s sound with a warm and dance floor approach.

Harold co-runs Biologic records with partner in crime DC Salas. Hyperactive in the Marseille underground scene with projects such as the Mouillette queer parties, Encore Encore festival, and an upcoming album to be released in June 2023 on Dischi Autunno, Harold’s next coming months will be exciting.


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