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Harold Boué, artistically known as Abstraxion and Lion’s Drums, is a French producer and musician based in Marseille. His music transcends traditional boundaries, blending a variety of genres and influences, from Italo disco and EBM to early trance, techno rave, and synth wave, crafting a unique and captivating auditory experience. Abstraxion is renowned for his unpredictable sets, often taking audiences on an unexpected musical journey.
In his live performances, Harold masterfully combines human artistry with electronic innovation, using his modular GRP A4 synthesizer to reinterpret the euphoric sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s in a contemporary, dancefloor-friendly style.
Apart from his musical creations, Harold is a founder of Biologic Records and a key figure in Marseille’s underground scene, being involved in initiatives like the Mouillette queer parties and the Encore Encore festival. Following the release of his album on Dischi Autunno in 2023, Harold starts 2024 with a bang, introducing ‘Ignition’. This new single sets the dance floor ablaze, resonating as a vibrant echo of ‘90s rave culture, seamlessly infused with modern trance-techno flair.




Burning LP


The first taste from Burning comes from the Love Pain single. On this haunting EBM ballad, Abstraxion teams up with close friends of the label Curses & Borusiade, their voices and reflective interrogations floating above some somber and profound melodies, making it a fascinating dark slow jam.

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