Black Vulture


1. Black Vulture

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Dischi Autunno welcome Harold Boué to the fold for another full-strength cosmic expedition. Best known as Abstraxion – and, since last year, Lion’s Drums – Harold is the man behind the Biologic label and is renowned for his sprawling, hypnotising productions. As a deep as he is decorated, Abstraxion lives up to his name and rips you from the plugs of reality without safely disconnecting. Take this EP; the lead track ‘Black Vulture’ hurls you into a space on a Black Strobe rocket that tears through black holes like us mere humanoids drink black coffee while the breakbeat-driven ‘Deleuze Fight’ flips us 360 in the anti-gravity flow sending us spiralling into an ocean of lasers. For a heavier intergalactic trip head for ‘Remember Bourdieu’ where more and more turbulence kicks in on every bar, creating a driving hypnotic intensity that you’ll never forget. Finally we crash back into reality with the fittingly nihilistic ‘Nietzsche’s Future’; spiralling, cascading arpeggios with more than a mild touch of prang; it’s a poignant end to yet another unique trip from Jennifer Cardini & Noura & Labbani’s Dischi Autunno imprint and Abstraxion himself. And that’s before we even touch on the killer remix missions en route… Black Merlin cranks up the noir to mind-melting technoid levels on ‘Black Vulture’ while Interstellar Funk smelts ‘Deleuze Fight’ down to a deep dark acid swamp. What a trip… 

Artist: Abstraxion

Label: Dischi Autunno

Release Date: May 25, 2019

People: Abstraxion

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