Trance Body Music


1. Gold

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Abstraxion once again delivers another twist to his exotic musical tale with “Trance Body Music”. A four track collection of 90’s-infused club rockets. Hi-NRG sounds that traverse the trance-techno-rave intersection.

Lead single ‘Whole’ is a distorted and relentless number that hammers along with skewed vocal chops and lashings of bounce. ‘Gold’ however, is a more pushy heads-down affair. It’s ramped BPM and vocals muster dewy-eyed Bonzai-memories, whilst harnessing the free spirit of the resurging eurodance movement.

Next out of the rave cannon comes ‘Force’, with its fierce tempo, jittering synth stabs and playful melody working together to create a tidy dancefloor moment. The show is brought to a close with the bubbling title track Trance Body Music. A perfect, almost soothing, finale to a wonderfully energetic adventure.



Artist: Abstraxion

Label: Biologic records

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